The makings of a crazy adventure...

Posted by Marty on Thursday August 6th 2015 at 6:04pm in Travel & News & Read on..

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The planning of this trip will be fairly loose, spontaneous and hopefully as close to unplanned as possible.. Of course taking into account the order of festivals and their locations, as you can’t just move them to be where ever you feel like they would work for you..

So far I am adding events of interest to a map, to see if the distances and times are even plausible.. and plausible they currently seem to be.. just.. The trip between Sun Festival and Ozora works well – a whole week off between two seven day festivals which are both in Hungary.. May sound a tad crazy, but no where near as crazy as the one day until Boom.. Which is conveniently (sarcastically) about how long it would take to drive from Hungary to Portugal.. Lucky Boom also goes for a week just in case we make it there a little late.

This seems to be the tightest in order of time as far as the plan is at present, with quite a large wait until Universo Paralello in Brasil – which lasts almost ten days over new years!

I will be building on this page as the year progresses and adding on a lot more ideas and eventually a more in depth reason as to the happenings of the trip in the first place. If any one has any great travel ideas between these places or has maybe even done similar journeys before – I would love to hear from you in the comments below šŸ™‚

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