Posted by Marty on Tuesday June 21st 2016 at 9:30am in Find Your Photo & Photography & Night Life

Zealous, Asylum, Cheeky-B, Lava, dragon mill, Adelaide, Pab, Miss Ledz, Rogue One, Uber Zeal, Psytrance, Sparky Fire Performer, Drum & Bass, Fiction, Lee Roy, Oblivious, Aiden, Chapter, Subliminal, Dienamix, Direckt, Fiendish Hiphop, Hard House, Hip Hop, Jist

What an amazing night! Thanks to everyone involved who helped create such a friendly happy atmosphere for a night full of talented artists expressing their creativity and showcasing the incredible music diversity we have available to us in Adelaide. Was great to see everyone enjoying all the different genres and music styles and Reconnecting on the dance floor! Much love to you all, enjoy the photos thanks to @f13 Media.

“Loose your inhibitions and preconceived ideas about music genres and unite as one as we diminish segregation in the music scene and create an open stage for musical expression.

We have carefully selected quality artists of each genre to show you how diverse and amazing the musical talent in Adelaide is. Open your mind to the endless possibilities that music from all walks of life can bring to a party. We are here to keep you interested and entertained, to bring people back to the heart of music diversity, to build the atmosphere throughout the night from strength to strength.

We are all part of the same infinite universe let’s come together and appreciate all music for what it is – an expression of the heart, the language which connects us all. It’s time to Reconnect our hearts through music and creativity. It’s time for Reconnection . . . ”